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  • Against All Odds

    The adventurers taught in this title challenged both nature and themselves. From Edmund Hillary to Roger Banister; they are all titleholders.

  • Conquerors of the World

    Cross the plains of Europe and Asia with Hannibal, Charlemagne, and Suleiman the Magnificent.

  • Explorers and Settlers of Utah Learn more

    Meet the people who shaped the early history of the state of Utah. Jim Bridger, Jacob Hamblin, and Howard Stansbury are just a few of the people you’ll meet.

  • Explorers of the New World

    Learn the names and routes of European explorers who made the first discoveries and voyages in the Americas.

  • Famous U.S. Presidents

    Learn about the most famous U.S. Presidents: George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and 10 others.

  • Founders of America

    Learn the important founders who helped win our nation’s independence. John Adams, Patrick Henry, James Madison, and others.

  • Great Inventors

    Meet Gutenberg, Edison, and other great inventors.

  • Inspiring People

    Helen Keller, Charles Lindberg, and Jackie Robinson are examples of those who inspired and lifted the spirits of others.

  • Japanese Internment Learn more

    Learn why some of America’s citizens were interned during World War II, and how their lives were affected.

  • Modern U.S. Presidents

    Learn about the 12 most recent U.S. Presidents, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush.

  • Native American Tribes of Utah Learn more

    Learn about the Native American Tribes of Utah and how they influenced the development of Utah and the West.

  • Peoples of Utah Learn more

    Learn about the Native American and immigrant groups that have made Utah their home.

  • Scientists

    Have fun learning about scientists such as Copernicus, Pasteur, and Hubble.

  • Thinkers and Philosophers

    Learn about contributions of great thinkers such as Socrates, Descartes, Franklin, and Einstein.

  • Underground Railroad Learn more


  • Westward Expansion

    The Cumberland Gap, Erie Canal, and Oklahoma Land Rush opened the west to trappers and early settlers.

  • World Explorers

    Columbus, Magellan, Bering, and Livingstone are just a few of those who have traveled to the ends of the earth.