World History

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  • Against All Odds

    The adventurers taught in this title challenged both nature and themselves. From Edmund Hillary to Roger Banister; they are all titleholders.

  • Cold War

    This war of ideas and economies includes the building of the Iron Curtain and the nuclear arms race.

  • Conquerors of the World

    Cross the plains of Europe and Asia with Hannibal, Charlemagne, and Suleiman the Magnificent.

  • Europe Before 1800

    Learn about major European events from 476 to the year 1789 A.D.

  • Explorers of the New World

    Learn the names and routes of European explorers who made the first discoveries and voyages in the Americas.

  • Innovative Airplanes

    Have fun learning about airplanes that led the way for changes in the history of aviation.

  • International Space Station

    Go on a tour of Space Station Alpha and learn about the major modules that will make up the completed station.

  • Mexican War Learn more

    Discover the causes of the Mexican War and explore its effects.

  • Nineteenth Century

    Manufacturing, imperialism, immigration, and education are just a few of the major themes from this dynamic century.

  • Scientists

    Have fun learning about scientists such as Copernicus, Pasteur, and Hubble.

  • Ships of History

    This title will teach you the major ships of history: from the simple outrigger canoe used by the Polynesians to the luxurious ocean liners enjoyed today.

  • The Race for Space Learn more

    Explore the events and programs that lead to and occurred during America’s race for space.

  • Thinkers and Philosophers

    Learn about contributions of great thinkers such as Socrates, Descartes, Franklin, and Einstein.

  • Women Leaders

    These influential women were military leaders, queens, prime ministers, and humanitarians.

  • World Explorers

    Columbus, Magellan, Bering, and Livingstone are just a few of those who have traveled to the ends of the earth.

  • World War II in Europe

    Explore the rise and fall of the Nazi empire in Europe during the largest world war.