Growing a Nation: The story of American Agriculture


Growing a Nation explores the agricultural history of the United States. Beginning with the American Indians, this program looks at the farming practices used along with the crops that have been grown throughout the history of the U.S. Also, this program provides information about key figures and events in agriculture. This presentation will help students recognize the changes and innovations that have taken place in the history of U.S. agriculture.

This program has been designed as a teacher resource for leading classroom discussions on curriculum topics including:

  • Economy
  • Government programs
  • USDA
  • Agricultural science and research
  • Production efficiency
  • Land conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Uses for agricultural products
  • Mechanization
  • Wartime research and technology
  • Surplus
  • Organic farming
  • Modernization
  • Politics and agriculture
  • Energy and fuels
  • Farm management
  • Cloning
  • Food safety