The Montford Point Marines


The Montford Point Marines

The marines trained at Montford Point were the first African-American Marines to be integrated into the military since the Revolutionary War. These marines faced discrimination and many other hardships associated with segregation. This program relates many personal experiences of real Montford Point marines that teach students about the impact that these marines had on discrimination in society and the military. After listening to the stories of the Montford Point Marines, students will learn about why some African-Americans joined the Marines in spite of all of the discrimination. They will also learn about the significance of the Montford Point Marines in the military.

This program has been designed as a teacher resource for leading classroom discussions on curriculum topics including:

  • Black Angels
  • Camp Lejune
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Discrimination in the Military
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Integrated Military
  • Jim Crow Laws
  • Marine Corps
  • Racism
  • Segregation
  • “Separate, but Equal”
  • The Great Migration
  • World War II

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