The American Labor Movement

This program addresses the issues that brought to pass changes for the American worker. At this time laborers in mines, factories, railways, and other industries were faced with destitute working conditions, long hours, and low pay. The Labor Movement allowed the working class to achieve many improvements and make changes that would benefit the nation.

This program has been designed as a teacher resource for leading classroom discussions on curriculum topics including:

  • American Federation of Labor (AFL)
  • Big Business vs. Labor
  • Capitalists
  • Federal Government and Labor Disputes
  • Child Labor
  • Robber Barons
  • Socialism
  • Strikes
  • Unions
  • Working Conditions in Factories

Subscribers have access to these additional resources for “The American Labor Movement”:

 Printable document of the story
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 Literacy strategies document
 Teacher Guide for implementing in the classroom 
 Lesson plans contributed by teachers 
 Student activities (printable version)