World War I

World War I is an educational software program that explores the events of the war that was to be the “war to end all wars.” The United States tried to remain neutral as Germany began its campaign; however, the German’s continual submarine attacks caused the U.S. to take action. Many men were called to fight from all over the country. The fighting and combat that the soldiers endured was terrible, but they fought valiantly for their nation. Stories of soldiers from Opelika, Alabama inspire courage and gratitude that will help students recognize the sacrifice that was made during World War I.

This program has been designed as a teacher resource for leading classroom discussions on curriculum topics including:

  • Battles of WWI
  • Heroic Acts During Fighting
  • Submarine Warfare
  • Trench Warfare
  • U.S. Foreign Affairs
  • U.S. Involvement in WWI
  • Wartime Casualties
  • Woodrow Wilson

Subscribers have access to these additional resources for “World War I”:

 Printable document of the story
 Printable document with all popups (pictures and text) 
 Literacy strategies document
 Teacher Guide for implementing in the classroom 
 Lesson plans contributed by teachers 
 Student activities (printable version)