Star Elementary


STAR Elementary is a fully-animated character development program that teaches:

  • What sportsmanship meanskidscheer
  • The STAR approach to dealing with situations in sports
    • Stop
    • Think
    • Act
    • Replay
  • How to be a ‘STAR Player’ in a variety of sports and situations

BESSIEWIN_NOFONT05The STAR Elementary program received a 2005 BESSIE Award for Best Educational Software for upper Elementary grades in Physical Education.


  • Why you should be a good sporthandup-soccer
  • The STAR Player guidelines – how to be a good sport
  • How sportsmanship decisions affect you, your team, and your opponents

How do you use STAR Sportsmanship?

  • Individual students or as a groupcoach-tv-STAR
  • Easy navigation lets you review or jump to any section
  • Earn a certificate when you complete the program


STAR Elementary is designed for use by children in Grades 3-7 (ages 8-13).


Animated descriptions and demonstrations show examples of both good and poor sportsmanship. Eight interactive activities provide opportunities to apply the guidelines and promote learning to be a STAR Player.